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Why We Should Use Better Gear Oil?

Why We Should Use Better Gear Oil?


  1. Do you have problem for gear failure? Do you know what factors are causing the gear failure?


  1. What factors are causing the gearbox leaking? What problem will be caused by oil leaking?


  1. What is the solution for gear failure and gearbox leaking?


  1. Gear Oils are formulated with which additives?


  1. In Malaysia, should we need to check what application’s requirement when choosing gear oil?


  1. In Malaysia, which type of gearbox is most common? What is their main’s application?


  1. What is the difference between Synthetic Oil and Mineral Oil? Which oil is more suitable for wide range temperature application?


  1. Do you know how many degree is the ideal operating temperature for gear box? We need to provide which type of gear oil to fulfill gearbox’s temperature requirement?
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